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Web Application Security Testing

Get robust threat exploration of each web application you deploy.
Identify security vulnerabilities, weakness, and technical flaws

Hybrid Approach to Web Application Security

Automated as well as exhaustive manual website security testing identifies flaws in your web application security and business logic related vulnerabilities. Every security test by Paladion goes beyond international standards such as OWASP and SANS, and comes with a detailed impact assessment and mitigation proposal.

Hybrid Approach to Web Application Security

Given Web App Penetration testing that simulates hackers, specialized vulnerability assessments (including web application security assessments), automated scans, and manual checks reduce the number of false negatives and identify all security gaps in your systems, your software, servers or any other critical element of your organization. Paladion’s web application testing identifies the vulnerabilities that could lead to data and information breaches. Following a security test plan targets weak password authentication, insecure session management, hosting platforms, etc., and can include the following security testing tools and controlled exploits:

The Web Application Security Testing Process

Get robust and resilient applications that can withstand sophisticated threats

Study the Application

As a part of web application security, our security testers unbox the application to understand user profiles, business case, functionality, and the code base (if code review is commissioned). A thorough understanding of the app helps testers go beyond the normal use cases the application was designed for and helps them think like attackers

Create a Threat Profile

Paladion Security Testing Labs never uses a generic threat profile for its security test plan. For web application testing, our security testers create a comprehensive business case profile that helps explore all possible vulnerabilities and threats before creating a threat profile. Client feedback is obtained before moving to the next step.

Create a Test Plan

Once the potential threats are identified a security test plan is created to identify if these threats can be exploited. Domain and platform based tests help create a thorough understanding of the application threat landscape including user privileges, critical transactions and sensitive data.

Solutions and Fixes

Once vulnerabilities are found with our controlled security testing tools, each vulnerability is ranked based on the threat it poses for the business and not just a universal rank. This helps clients prioritize the right threats. Our experts also provide remediation guidance, so your developers can fix these vulnerabilities sooner and stay focused on product ingenuity.

Creating a Report

Paladion’s own online reporting portal tool provides a bird’s eye view for managers and a detailed picture for developers. It lets you receive real-time updates of an ongoing project and lets you contact our security testing specialists through a chat window to keep your progress unbroken by communication delays.

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The Bottom Line

Are you confident with your web application security? Do you have a test plan for web application that you know will uncover the vulnerabilities in each web application you deploy? Have you launched a security test website? The reality is: everyone agrees that web application security, security test plans, and undertaking regular activities to identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses and technical flaws are important, but few organizations perform these activities often enough to truly secure themselves against tomorrow’s emerging threats.

Without a regular, comprehensive, third-party review of your security posture, you can never know just how secure—or vulnerable—your organization really is. Contact Paladion today to bring our web application security testing and security test plans to your organization today.

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