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Managed Cloud Security Services

Your move to the Cloud is inevitable … a damaging breach in the Cloud is not

Moving your critical infrastructure, data, and workloads to the Cloud provides you with unprecedented increases in efficiency, performance, and costs. Unfortunately, it also provides your network with increased complexity, vulnerabilities, and security concerns. And even though many Cloud service providers promise built-in security, the many recent high-profile breaches of prominent Cloud service providers (such as AWS) make two points clear.

First, that Cloud service providers are unable to offer the protection they promise.

Second, that, unfortunately, your security responsibilities must extend past your on-premise systems.

Client Testimonials

  • Paladion did the impossible—they made sense of our complex, distributed, Cloud-based global network, and dramatically improved our security posture from day one of our partnership. By all measures, we are detecting and responding to more threats faster and more effectively than we ever would have if we stuck to our ‘old school’ approach to security. We finally have next-generation security services that can successfully protect our next-generation Cloud-based infrastructure.

    CISO of a Fortune 500
    IT Consulting Firm

What Managed Cloud Security Services Offer You

Comprehensive Monitoring & Analytics

We can continuously monitor complex networks incorporating hundreds of network locations, and analyse data from four key channels.

Protect Against Insider and Outsider Threats

Gartner estimates 95% of Cloud-based threats will be internal. We protect you against all threats, inside and out.

Accelerated Detection Response and Remediation

Our clients often reduce their time to detection and remediation by over 85%.

Cost-effective Protection

We provide comprehensive next-generation security at a fraction of the cost of building an equivalent team in-house.

Bringing Paladion’s Managed Cloud Security Services to Your Defense

All of our Managed Cloud Security Services utilize our team of 1,000+ cyber security specialists, who leverage our proprietary AI platform—AIsaac—to deploy both human insight and machine intelligence against your incoming threats. From this functional base, we tailor each specific Managed Cloud Security Services to the unique requirements of your organization. Services can focus primarily on creating comprehensive monitoring of all of your Cloud connections and assets. Or, we can provide full “left of hack, to right of hack” security services, depending on your needs. Our specialized Manage Cloud Security Services include:

MDR for Office 365 Security

Responds Terrabytes of critical, sensitive data flow through Office 365 at every moment. Breached emails and data create significant risk for your organization. Let us protect this data for you.

Our Office 365 service provides:

  • 24x7x365 detection within Office 365s
  • Deep visibility into Office 365 usage
  • Granular Office 365 data protection controls
  • Real-time protection of Office 365 emails
  • Secure employee mobile access and collaboration via Office 365

Office 365 is the central hub for many organization’s communications. Being so dependant on a single Cloud platform creates substantial risk, and complacency among staff. Take security out of your employee’s hands, and into the hands of true defense professionals.

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MDR for Azure Workload Security

Responds Azure creates a fast, complex, and dynamic environment that is challenging to protect. Traditional security measures were built for stable, on-premise networks—not for Azure’s fast-changing cloud-based environment. We stop criminals from taking advantage of this new, valuable target.

Our Azure service provides:

  • Azure SQL database and storage threat detection
  • Threat and attack detection across your entire Azure fabric
  • Adaptive access and application controls to limit attack exposure
  • 60+ ready-to-use threat scenarios
  • 25+ ready-to-use playbooks
  • Continuous detection and remediation within all Azure workloads, services, and VMs

Fully deploy Azure, confident your security and compliance risks are covered.

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