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Managed Network Detection and Response

Rapidly Uncover and Eliminate Threats in Every Channel of Your Network

If an attacker gains a foothold in your network, they can dwell, hidden, for months. During this time, they will expand their presence, compromise your systems, and move closer to their ultimate objective. Evolve your security. Deploy network detection and response to uncover and eliminate hidden threats before a catastrophic breach.

How Paladion’s Managed Network Detection and Response Works

Paladion’s Managed Network Detection and Response service continuously monitors and performs threat hunting within your networks for hidden, unknown malware threats using a big data network threat analytics platform and skilled threat hunters. Our network detection service analyzes threat intelligence and data from multiple vectors, and correlates anomalies across data pools to give you full visibility to identify today’s complex, multi-channel attacks. Once our network detection service has identified a threat, our incident responders coordinate the appropriate response to remediate the incident in near-real-time using our supervised response automation platform.

Protect your most vulnerable network openings and attacks channels

Detect, identify & eliminate APTs, blended, targeted, and zero-day attacks

Prioritize threats and focus on eliminating the malware threats that matter most

MSSP or MDR – Know the Difference and
Choose the Right Partner

What You Get with Paladion’s Managed EDR ?

Managed EDR offers multiple benefits over traditional security approaches:

Detect Known and Unknown Threats

Our EDR service does not rely on rules that only protect against known threats. Our EDR’s advanced analytics identify and contain previously-unknown threats, while defining the root-cause of the attack.

Stop In-Progress Attacks

By continuously monitoring endpoint behaviour our EDR service can uncover previously-undetected advanced attack campaigns before they achieve their objective.

High Speed Response to Endpoint Incidents

By offering detection and response services under one platform, and combining advanced machine learning with skilled security staff, Paladion can resolve a security incident as soon as it is uncovered cutting coordination time substantially.

Paladion’s Managed EDR services is part of our Managed Detection & Response (MDR) service, an essential component for cybersecurity defense today. Learn more about MDR.

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The Bottom Line

Enhanced data analytics and other next-generation security technologies allow you to quickly detect and respond to the network anomalies that suggest the presence of a hidden, unknown, advanced threat lurking within your data. No matter how heavily you have invested in your internal threat capabilities, the reality is you likely still lack the analytics technologies or internal skill sets required to effectively detect, investigate, and respond to today’s advanced persistent threats. So, even if you have attempted to bolster your internal security capabilities, you likely remain vulnerable to today’s emerging creative threats. In fact, without advanced analytics capabilities and a large volume of top cyber security talent working round the clock, you most likely already have at least one advanced persistent threat lurking in your network, steadily working closer and closer to its malicious objectives.

Don’t wait until that threat has achieved its aims. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Deploy a comprehensive Managed Detection and Response (MDR) program today, and bring advanced analytics capabilities to your defense. Not only will Paladion’s MDR program provide the technology and talent required to detect and fully investigate your worst threats, our AI-driven platform is capable of instigating threat remediation in near real-time, helping you resolve threats—and get back to business—in hours, not days, weeks, or even months.

Contact Paladion today and learn how our Managed Network Detection and Response program can protect you from critical security events that even the most generous internal security investment will not protect you from.

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