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DevOps Security Testing Service

Cyber Security that works at the speed of DevOps

Get security that is fused into DevOps workflows in a collaborative, transparent manner

In agile development environments, information security is seen as an impediment to the speed of DevOps. Security tools and processes have lacked the transparency, coordination, and automation needed to preserve the agility and teamwork in DevOps. Paladion is changing this by providing end-to-end DevSecOps that integrates proprietary security automation tools that are build for DevOps environments, vulnerability specialists that are steeped in the DevOps style, continuous security monitoring and response, compliance management, and more.

The reality in DevOps today is applications are assembled – not built. When developers download and use open source components and frameworks, they insert vulnerabilities to a secure environment. An application can be made up of several such open source or borrowed components. Our DevSecOps solutions are built with such meticulous understanding of the DevOps processes, so we can provide truly agile security.

Security of CODE
in Agile

Security of
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Ongoing Dev Security

We integrate into your build-deploy cycle by scanning the collated code at the build integration stage for vulnerabilities. The scan results are manually verified by our skilled security testers, who raise tickets in the bug tacking system for confirmed vulnerabilities along with remediation guidance for each.

What You Get

  • Access to our software security architect pool Industry specific security and compliance requirements based on threats you face
  • A team of experts reviewing the security components of your software desing An advanced code security platform service with a repository of tools and test cases
  • Customized findings and solutions
  • Seamless workflow as the platform integrates with your code repositories
  • A team of dedicated software security testers that work with your developers
  • Expert services that include testing, training, sample codes and analytical reports

Ongoing App Security

Get sophisticated tools and access to specialist teams for ongoing application penetration tests, including exploit tests in production and test setups. All discovered vulnerabilities are seamlessly integrated into your existing bug reporting processes with remediation guidance for faster bug fixing. You will also receive a PLYNT ℠ certificate, which demonstrates the security of your apps.

What You Get

  • Application threat modeling
  • Modeling of threat scenarios customized to each application
  • An advanced app security platform with a repository of tools and test cases
  • Access to the test environment to run tools on schedule and on demand
  • Seamless integration with your existing bug tracking system
  • Access test reports, solution recommendations and analytics
  • PLYNT ℠ certification for meeting security criteria
  • A team of dedicated software security testers that work with your developers

Ongoing Ops Security

Ongoing ops security provides mature security management processes. Periodic vulnerability scans on live applications and servers helps identify and fix new vulnerabilities, and continuous security monitoring discovers security gaps and threats in the environment. Paladion’s Ops Security also provides swift remediation of discovered threats.

What You Get

  • Network scanning, configuration audits and application scanning of your cloud assets
  • Recommendations for closing vulnerabilities
  • 24/7 monitoring of your cloud assets
  • User activity monitoring of SAAS applications
  • 24/7 remote SOC services
  • Access to a team of analysts, investigators, forensic analysts and responders
  • Global threat intel applied to your assets

Compliance Management

Get certified security consultants to help you achieve and maintain SOC II and ISO 27001 certifications, as well as demonstrate compliance to OWASP, NIST, HIPAA, PCI, and the Privacy Act. Our consultants work with your team during client audits and pre-sales to win client confidence.

What You Get

  • A security posture document for third parties
  • A review of existing programs and recommendations for improvements
  • Modeling of threat scenarios
  • Preparation of key documents on software security, operational security and compliance
  • Compliance and risk monitoring improvement program
  • Cloud based GRC platform to automate your risk and compliance program
  • Access to security risk and compliance consultants

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