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MDR Vulnerability Management Service

An AI-Driven Vulnerability Management Program to Minimise Your Risk of Breach

Paladion’s MDR Vulnerability Management Service
is a part of
Paladion’s AI Driven Management Detection & Response Service
which is ably supported by the
Human Intelligence
available at Paladion through a highly skilled team of Cyber Security Experts

Paladion’s MDR Vulnerability Management Service

Paladion’s MDR Vulnerability Management Service effectively combines leading edge AI and two decades of human security testing expertise to rapidly correlate vulnerabilities to evolving cyber threats, auto contain threats, and provide human-expert-verified remediation.

Paladion’s proprietary AI platform and expert teams work with you to give you visibility on the most likely vulnerabilities that will be exploited.

Our machine learning algorithms use near real-time global threat intelligence from Paladion’s Threat Anticipation Services to give you risk scores that go far beyond CVSS scoring. This helps you remediate vulnerabilities before they impact you.

With MDR VM you get :

  • Predictive discovery from trending threats
  • Managed testing for ease and effectiveness of your testing operations
  • Test synchronization to immediately see all risks to all assets
  • Exploit prioritization to identify the most damaging vulnerabilities
  • Vulnerability containment with immediate counter measures for protection
  • Orchestration of mitigation and automating workflows for faster results.

Paladion’s Human Vulnerability Management Talent

Out thinking attackers and cybercriminals require human as well as artificial intelligence as a deterrent.

Paladion employs one of the largest, most highly skilled teams of security testers, ethical hackers, vulnerability researchers, and mitigation experts in the industry that work closely with our advanced AI technology.

The result: you get a vulnerability management and response service that is second to none.

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