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IOT & SCADA Security Testing

SCADA Security Testing

Internet of Things (IoT) is fast becoming a reality and with it IoT security emerging as a critical area for development. With IOT upon us, automobiles, mobile phones, computer, wearable’s, medical devices, display devices and anything that has Wi-Fi connectivity is either connected to each other or the internet. The growth of the devices and its application is beyond imagination but what we can imagine is the exponential increase in data transfer and its security.

To overcome these risk Paladion provides help with embedded app team which will allow you to bring secure internet enabled business and consumer devices to market.

Our Promise

The vulnerability assessment is conducted in accordance with leading international security standards. We use our proprietary tool, CVA, for fast and accurate auditing of each system and for producing customizable reports. The reports can be aligned to any of the regulatory standard that your organization is required to comply with. Our team of skilled security professionals then manually verifies the tool results and provides recommendations for mitigating the identified security issues.

Your Wins

You will have detailed report of all the vulnerability found in the server, OS and server application with which you can be safe and secure having physical and logical solution. No more compromise on the confidentiality of information internally and externally. Weakness can be overcome and security can be strengthened like never before and with global standards at the same time.

IOT & SCADA Security Testing

SCADA Security Testing

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) has become the nervous system of today’s industries; anything from transportation to power grid uses SCADA systems for critical controls. With growing demand, there is also an increasing risk of attacks on these networks. The use of standard protocol, Microsoft OS, and interconnection of other networks all contribute to its vulnerability.

Today’s IT and traditional IT security approaches have created havoc in the SCADA systems. Breakdown of a SCADA system due to IT fixes has become a common problem, but ignoring it is not an option.

If you are facing such a problem and are unequipped with proper tools to handle SCADA system then Paladion provides SCADA security testing with which you don’t have to worry any more about your SCADA system.

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