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Cyber Auto-Containment Service

Automatically Contain Incidents Before it Becomes a Breach.
Monitoring of Cyber Threats

Get Real-Time Monitoring of Cyber Threats

Our Auto-Containment service utilizes AI and Machine Learning to stop threats that have breached your networks— before they achieve their malicious goals.

Paladion’s Auto Containment Services

Automate Your Most Critical Security Tasks

Internal security teams are constantly understaffed and overworked. They have their hands full completing the standard security tasks of security monitoring and investigation. Auto-containment takes one critical security task out of their hands. As soon as our AI detects your threats, it automatically deploys playbooks to stop that threat from spreading—without your team’s input.

Stop Waiting to Contain Your Threats

Many security professionals detect a threat, and then allow it to continue to spread and cause greater harm as they devise a solution. Instead, let our AI automatically contain your threats as soon as you detect them, and buy yourself the time you need to conduct a thorough investigation, and to craft a robust response.

Reduce Dwell Time

Everyone knows— the faster you respond to an attack, the less harm it will cause. Yet the most effective global detection methods in 2018 still took an average of 101 days to find and contain threats… leaving plenty of time for criminals to do damage. Let our auto-containment stop your threats in near-real-time, not months.

MSSP or MDR – Know the Difference and
Choose the Right Partner

Why Choose Paladion’s Auto-Containment Service ?

Stop threats in near-real-time with Industry’s most advanced Cyber AI

Leverage Our Advanced Technology Platform

Manual threat containment is too slow to stop advanced threats before they spread. Let our proprietary AI platform rapidly detect threats and contain them in near-real-time.

Contain Threats 24x7x365

A breach can occur at any time of the day or night. And yet, manual threat containment can only occur during your security team’s normal working hours. Our AI-driven automated containment stops threats no matter when they strike.

Reduce the Burden on Your Security Team

Auto-containment automates the majority of the containment tasks that your internal security team are currently performing manually. Our service frees your staff to focus on larger, strategic security issues—instead of constantly fire-fighting.

Gain Comprehensive Protection Against Advanced Threats

Auto-Containment is one part of our 6-stage Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Service. With MDR, you gain auto-containment of threats, as well as prioritized breach assistance, threat anticipation, active threat hunting, and proactive security response to mitigate threats in your environment. So, why stop with Auto-Containment, when you can leverage a managed service that provides advanced incident detection and response?

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