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Cyber Incident Response Service

Get Comprehensive Cyber Forensics and Rapid Response

Get Comprehensive Cyber Forensics and Rapid Response

What is incident response? Paladion’s security incident response is rapid, coordinated, and effective in safeguarding your enterprise. Paladion’s incident responders investigate attacks, contain the impact, take immediate remediation actions by collaborating with your in-house teams where needed, and finally restore data and systems to a protected state.

Paladion’s Incident Response Service

Collaborative, Orchestrated Responses

What is an incident response plan? Procedures and technologies for an incident response plan and its automation are evolving fast. In-house teams with limited resources now collaborate with experts for response and forensics.

Paladion’s industry-leading security incident response

Supervised Autonomous Response

Paladion’s incident response service leverages an advanced response automation platform that includes workflows, case management, forensic tools, and playbooks for common incidents. As and when a new threat is neutralized by our incident responders, the remediation is added to the platform for an autonomous response.

Our responders collaborate with your in-house teams to coordinate necessary actions across your enterprise. Whether an incident originates from a known or new threat, Paladion’s incident response management system ensures that you and your enterprise benefit from the most efficient, most effective solution.

AI and Human Intelligence Unified

Our experts bring together industry-leading experience, expertise, and threat intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human knowledge seamlessly integrate into a world-class incident response management system.

What incident definition do we have at Paladion?

We offer 24×7 response to incidents affecting:

  • Financial data, payment card data, and unauthorized banking transfers
  • Intellectual property, confidential market, strategy, and research data
  • Personally identifiable information (PII) such as employee information and customer or patient health information (PHI)

MSSP or MDR – Know the Difference and
Choose the Right Partner

Why Choose Paladion’s Incident Response Service ?

Stop threats in near-real-time with Industry’s most advanced Cyber AI

24x7x365 Incident Response

What is our incident response definition? We know that cyber attackers never stop and neither does Paladion’s Incident Response. You never know when attackers will strike or how, so Paladion’s incident response team is available on tap 24x7x365. With our always-on expert staffing and state-of-the-art technology platform, we are always on the ready to respond and coordinate your cyber defence and incident response plan.

Comprehensive Coverage

Our responders familiarize themselves with your network, operations, and special needs, and document them the day you onboard to ensure a swift response. When we respond to an incident, we coordinate actions to address the full extent of the threat, not just individual outbreaks.

Coordinated Defense

Our security incident response team includes reverse engineers to analyze malicious files, threat intelligence experts to assess situations, and trained coordinators to rapidly minimize impact and remediate threats across your enterprise.

Tailored Incident Response Plan

We plan the fastest, most effective incident response plan for your enterprise, based on your unique needs. Our incident response plan is communicated to you with updates, as necessary, for rapid and effective deployment.

Our Incident Response service is part of our Managed Detection and Response Service (MDR).

With MDR, you not only get an Incident Response plan, but also Security Monitoring, Threat Hunting, Alert Response, Incident Validation, and Breach Management. Get full professional and cost-effective protection with MDR, bringing you end-to-end cybersecurity management from initial threat detection to threat containment, mitigation, and elimination, with accompanying advisory services for handling both technical and business aspects of your cybersecurity.

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