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Managed Detection & Response for Azure Cloud

Weave security, privacy and compliance through your entire Azure Cloud fabric

Secure Your Cloud-Based Infrastructure: Without Hiring Extra Staff

Microsoft Azure gives your global organisation a growing suite of tools to craft, govern, and leverage your critical applications. But, Microsoft utilizes a Shared Responsibility Model for Azure, which assigns you many critical security roles. Within your Azure deployment, you are responsible for securing your endpoints, maintaining effective account & access management, and upholding all data governance and rights management. Many organisations are not aware they are responsible for these security activities—and many others—within their Azure deployment, resulting in security gaps and enhanced vulnerability. Let our MDR for Azure Cloud service give you the comprehensive security that Microsoft does not.

The Simple Solution to Your Azure Security Crisis

You don’t want to drown in the details of Azure’s complex security controls. Let us manage your Azure security infrastructure for you, so you can get back to focusing on using the Cloud to grow your business— worry free. Our MDR for Azure Cloud service will give you:

Complete Management of Your Azure Security

You gain hands-off management of all of your Azure deployment’s internal security features. Let us configure and govern your identity and access management, mobile device management, data classification and labelling, encryption key management, regulatory compliance, data governance and rights management, adaptive access and application controls, and every other detail of your Azure Cloud’s internal security.

Modern advanced threats evade traditional identification methods. They can only be uncovered when you apply advanced analytics and detection methods across your entire deployment. So sit back, and we will perform continuous threat monitoring and hunting to detect any malicious actors lurking within your Azure workloads, Azure services, Azure SQL database and storage, and VMs.

Advanced Analytics and Detection Within

Near Real-Time Remediation of Threats

The longer you let a threat lurk in your systems, the more damage it will do. To accelerate your response, we leverage next-generation automation platforms and offer 24/7 access to our security experts. Once we uncover a threat, we deploy our 60+ ready-to-use threat scenarios and 25+ ready-to-use playbooks to remediate the attack in near-real-time.

The Heart of Our Azure Cloud Protection

When you sign up for our Azure Cloud security program, you receive two primary services

First, the hands-off management of the many specific security controls that Microsoft has built into Azure, and expects you or your security provider to appropriately configure and govern (Discussed above).

Second, a specialized deployment of our signature AI-driven MDR program, tailored to the unique requirements of securing Azure-based infrastructures.

This combination provides you with:

Round-the-clock expertise

We employ over 1,000 security experts, located in every time zone, to give you both virtual and on-premise SMEs, 24x7x365.

Simplified security visibility

We condense Azure’s complex security management into a single dashboard for you to monitor.

Let our AI-driven MDR for Azure program become your all-in-one enhanced security centre for all of your Azure workloads. Contact us today and gain a single solution that will protect all of your applications, data, website, and other key digital assets to a depth and degree your busy internal security team can provide within their constrained resources.

AI-driven automated defences

Our proprietary AI platform automates many security tasks, allowing us to perform complex detection, containment, and remediation within your Azure Cloud without waiting for human intervention.

Protection that extends well beyond Microsoft’s assistance

Azure’s built-in security features to protect your Azure infrastructure, data, and applications is simply not enough.

Client Testimonials

  • We can no longer operate without Azure. But for a long time, we also struggled to fully deploy it due to concerns with our network security. We just faced too many compliance risks if something went wrong, and we weren’t able to confidently protect all of the workloads we wanted to launch. Paladion’s Microsoft Azure Cloud Security service did more than just protect our patient’s private data. It showed us new Azure resources we didn’t know we needed, and automatically brought them and their data under their MDR service’s full protection. We can finally take the training wheels off Azure, confident we now have the best Azure security available on the market.

    Global Healthcare,
    Director of Information Security

  • Paladion’s MDR service takes a complicated task—protecting our full Azure cloud deployment and all the data it encompasses—and makes it simpleu, convenient, and cost-effective. We don’t have to pay for any additional solutions, integrations, or agents. We leave all that to Paladion, and their 24x7x365 team. But the great thing is— even though Paladion takes most of the network security work (and expense) of protecting our data, cloud, and Azure workloads off our hands, their Microsoft Azure Cloud Security service still gives us as much access and granular control as we could ever want—and never expected to find on the cloud. It really is the best of both worlds.

    Global Retailer,

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